something wrong with my blog…


I want to tell you a little secret about my blog. Yups, very important secret guys. Hmm, but not now ok!

cause what?

Hehehe, ‘coz it’s time to final examination. Yups, seven days later. Yeah, just study, try and pray. Hhh, ‘Jar, my blog is just for you, I just wanna tell story to you, I just wanna meet you, but I know, it cann’t.

So, am I wrong if I tell about my life in my blog, in my personal website.

Please, understanding me!

‘Jar, I’ve to go now…

see ya ^_ ^


2 thoughts on “something wrong with my blog…

  1. pak panji selamat yaaaa…! akhirnya dedengkotnya kab udah mau luus, seneng ngedengernya. semangat anggap aja dosen penguji adalah pelangi2 so atm akan lebih fress n ceria njawab pertanyaan mereka. semangat ya!

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