Coming to your town
I’m caugh by the stir of my longing

Still the same as before
every corner is a friendly greeting
fully satiated with meaning

Lost in the sensation of nostalgia
of the moments when we were spending time
and enjoying jogja’s ambiance together

At the intersection my steps stand still
bustling portable food stands
pedding yarious delectable cuisines
people sit cross legged

And street musicians begin to play
In rhythm with my sorrow of losing you
alone in my means
engulfed by your city’s roar

Although now you’re no longer here
and will never comeback
please allow me to always return
if the heart embarks on loneliness with no comfort

from Kla Project for my lovely Jogja ^_^


3 thoughts on “Yogyakarta

  1. rikues..rikues.. translate ‘Jogja-Cinta Tanpa Akhir’nya Katon dan ‘Yogyakarta’nya Ebiet. ntar biar bisa saya pake nyanyi2 waktu merantau ke Inggris :P

  2. hmm, maaf..
    rikues tulisannya gak gitu deh…

    tapi REQUEST…
    hmm, translaternya cb aja cari di you tube ^_^

    yah, klo khilaf tak translete deh (eh, tak googling ding), insyaallah

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