My Last Sunday in Jogja

I’ve never think about this situation. The situation that make me very confuse. It’s hard to say godbye to yesterday. And for my last sunday in Jogja, now, I’ll tell you my story.

kaliurang, the historical street

This is my story. And my story has begin in the morning by the phone from my friend. Yups, the phone makes me wake up. Huah, I’m still sleepy guyz, last night, I sleep so late. Hmm, and now, I’ve to answer the phone from the leader of KAB. Yups, Hanami tells me about the condition of KAB, about her invitation to me to come in Smart Camp @ Depok Beach (14-15 Nov’09), about who is the next leader of KAB and many more. Fiuh, KAB, I remember last year ago when me and all stake holder work hard to trap Hanami in her position now. And it succes guyz! What a great team work I think. Hmm, but now, the condition is different, very different. Yeah, every time has its chalenging and problem, and it’s the job for each generation to solve its problem.

Like this morning, after discuss by phone, I’ve decided to sleep again. Preparation for a futsal big match with PPSDMS. Yups, MTop vs PPSDMS part III. But, what unlucky sunday, the enemy is fear! They lie!! Just four personel of PPSDMS who comes, comes but late. It was disappointed me and MTop-ers. Hhh, forget it, the show must go on. So, finally, we play with the combination team. Me, Anjas, Rahmanto, SBY and Adi PPSDMS versus Mujib, Agung, Nendi, and three person from PPSDMS, Puja, Ardi and Nova. And do you the result? Ofcourse the winner is my team. We beat them so easy, 10-5!!!

Hhh, futsal is always exciting for me. Like my lovely satria and my blog, I always find a way to expressing my emotion. And by futsal, I can run, kick the ball, passing, and create the beautiful movement to make a gol! Always like this. But the most important, I feel the new spirit! Ah, I can explain it by word guyz ‘coz you’ve to play by your self!!!

And after futsal, I’ve a long journey with my lovely Agriculture Familly. Hmm, I call them, secret familly. But this familly has give me a lot of experience. They give me happines and sadness. They teach me the meaning of friendly. And they leave me sweatest memory in Jogja.

Hhh, I think I’ve to tell about them in the special post, not now and not in here…

Jogja, 8 Nov’09

Allah always give me the best ^_^


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